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no_25_foreground_w_e.jpg (37830 bytes)

USS Bainbridge (25) leading Enterprise

snow_removal.jpg (31902 bytes)

Not a fun way to remove four and a half acres of snow and Ice

at_sea_sunset.jpg (34581 bytes)

Sunset at sea

The keel is laid February 4, 1958


naples_at_night.jpg (35209 bytes)

Naples at night, ship outlined in lights in bay


moving_after_christening.jpg (31076 bytes)

Moving the ship after Christening 24 September 1960

Head on view

quick_turn_ent.jpg (30560 bytes)

Ship in high speed turn (I remember it well, everything in my ship's Store would come off the shelves)

photo_overhead.jpg (42802 bytes)

Great overhead view 16x20


Big E and USS Long Beach 8x10

Big E, bow view with City of Newport News in background 8x10


USS Enterprise CVAN-65 overhead view on Sea Trials 8x10

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