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Operation Sea Orbit 
Nuclear Task Force One

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sea_orbit_1964.jpg (31228 bytes)

Sea Orbit

postcard_nuclear_fleet.jpg (30933 bytes)

Postcard of 
"the Nuclear Fleet" 
U.S.S. Enterprise (CVAN65)

sea_orbit_return.jpg (31881 bytes)
Welcome Home
Nuclear Task Force 1
Operation Sea Orbit
October 3, 1964

The front of the Medal is on the Left with inscription, United States Ships Enterprise * Long Beach * Bainbridge * Commander Carrier Division Two.  
sea_orbit_ships.jpg (35544 bytes)

Image taken from cruise book US Navy Photograph



The back of the Medal which includes the same inscription as the front, plus the following.   Nuclear Task Force one, 1964 Around the World Cruise 1964
National Geographic Feb 65.jpg (52106 bytes)

National Geographic February, 1965
Cover photo and 25 page article "Four-Ocean Navy in the Nuclear Age"  featuring the Enterprise

Cover, Signed 2nd CO.jpg (37710 bytes)

1st Nuclear Task Force World Cruise - Signed by F. H. Michaelis Captain - USN  Commanding




USS Enterprise CVAN-65, Third Cruise Book 1964  356 pages of photos and information about Operation Sea Orbit.  USS Enterprise, Long Beach and Bainbridge, Nuclear Task Force One, Around the World Cruise steaming 31,000 miles in sixty-five Days.













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