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Envelope for  Medal

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Outside flap of Medal

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One and a half inch Medal with inscription: To commemorate The Christening of the U.S.S. Enterprise 
September 24, 1960

Inscription on front of Medal" U.S.S. Enterprise World's Largest Ship First Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier"  Back of Medal" Commemorating the Launching of the U.S.S. Enterprise September 24, 1960 Newport News, Virginia Built by Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company"

 The Legacy Lives On, Enterprise Under Sail  1799, Nuclear Enterprise 1960 and Space Shuttle Enterprise 1976, Back:  USS Enterprise CVN-65 Insignia
  CVN-65, Big E, Ship Plus Insignia, Back: Department of the Navy,  United States of America
  USS Enterprise "E" with Atomic Sign, Back: Department of the Navy,  United States of America
   Enterprise Carrier Strike Group, "Ready On Arrival" Back: United States Navy "Don't Tread On Me"
  The Great Seal Of The United States Back: Washington D.C., Vietnam Memorial
  USS Enterprise CVN-65, Back: Ship Insignia
  Operation Iraq Freedom, United States, Back: War On Terrorism
  USS Enterprise CVN-65, "Ready On Arrival", Back: Ship Insignia
  Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (Father of our Nuclear Navy), Educator - Patriot - Engineer, Back: By Act of Congress, Extraordinary Dedication,  June 23, 1982, In Appreciation For Distinguished... Contribution To The Defense Of Our Nation --- Peaceful Development of Nuclear Reactor Technology --- Sixty Three Year of Service To Our Country and World Renowned Contributions In Development of Safe Nuclear Energy  




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