In 1957 resolutions were presented in both houses of congress to establish USS Enterprise CV-6 as a national shrine in the District of Columbia.  They were approved and signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on 28 Aug 57. 

     However, the congressional resolution allowed only 6 months for raising necessary funds. Total financial responsibility fell upon the Enterprise (CV-6) Association.  The cost, Two Million Dollars. 

     When it was realized that the Enterprise Association could not raise the necessary funds, the executive board of the Association held a meeting with then Secretary of the Navy Thomas S. Gates. In consideration of the Association abandoning its drive to preserve the ship, Secretary Gates agreed to name the first nuclear aircraft carrier (CVN-65) Enterprise.

     On 26 July 58 in San Diego, Calif. Rear Admiral G. B. H. Hall, USN spoke to the fourth reunion of the Enterprise Association and the theme of his speech was "The Enterprise of the Future".  He stated in part "The carrying forward of the name Enterprise to the first nuclear carrier is also most appropriate and possibly is the most forceful and realistic recognition of the value of the old ship, the old crews, and the older principles under which we have all lived and fought in the Navy, as a major part of our Nation's Armed Forces".  He said it all and that is, (CVN-65) is the Legacy of (CV-6).

Information complied from the book USS Enterprise (CV-6) 
The Most Decorated Ship of World War II  A Pictorial History by Steve Ewing