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USS Enterprise CVAN-65

cruise_bbok_1962.jpg (34451 bytes) cruise_bbok_1962_cover.jpg (36433 bytes) USS Enterprise CVAN-65, First Cruise Book 1962 & Open end hard cover for First Cruise Book, 256 pages of photos and description of Christening, Sea Trials, Commissioning, JFK's Visit, 1st Med Cruise and Homecoming, Norfolk, Va - 11 October 1962
cruise_bbok_1963.jpg (32255 bytes) USS Enterprise CVAN-65, Second Cruise Book 1963, 332 pages, med Cruise Number Two.
USS Enterprise CVAN-65, Third Cruise Book 1964  356 pages of photos and information about Operation Sea Orbit.  USS Enterprise, Long Beach and Bainbridge, Nuclear Task Force One, Around the World Cruise steaming 31,000 miles in sixty-five Days.
Book, Cruise, Combat Zone.jpg (53214 bytes) USS Enterprise CVAN-65, Combat Zone 1965-1966
360 page book covers the end of Operation Sea Orbit and First Nuclear Task Group in Combat Dec 2, 1965 when they engaged the enemy in South Vietnam
USS Enterprise CVAN-65, Combat Zone 1966-1967, 360 Pages, 21 June 1966, arrived at NAS Alameda from 1st Vietnam deployment.  18 December 1966 "On The Line" at Yankee Station.  Enterprise awarded the Pacific Fleet Battle Efficiency Pennant for 1965-1966
USS Enterprise CVAN-65, 14 January, 1969, about the devastating fire that resulted in 18 detonations, 15 aircraft destroyed/17 damaged, 28 dead and 343 wounded.
USS Enterprise CVAN-65, 303 Page Cruise Book, Westpac 1974-75
book_cruise_1978.jpg (31826 bytes) USS Enterprise CVN-65, Westpac '78 Cruise Book, 368 pages of Ship & Crew Photos while visiting Hawaii, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Western Australia
USS Enterprise CVN-65, 544 page Cruise Book, Starts with 2001 Med/Arabian Gulf Cruise ends after 9/11 and participation in Operation Enduring Freedom, arriving home in Norfolk, November 10, 2001.  Enterprise 40th year in Commission November 25, 1961.
USS Enterprise CVN-65, 544 page Cruise Book 2003-2004, From Norfolk, VA to Med to Suez Canal Transit to Dubia, U.A.E. with Enterprise Carrier Strike Group.
USS Enterprise CVAN-65, 1972-73 WESTPAC Cruise Book, 336 Pages
During part of this time Enterprise was Flagship for Task Force 77
1976 Cruise Book.jpg (35041 bytes) USS Enterprise CVAN-65, 1976 Cruise Book, Westpac/ I.O. Deployment, July 76 - Mar 77, 364 pages of photos
cruise_book_89-90.jpg (33716 bytes) USS Enterprise CVN-65, Book covering 1989-1990 World Cruise.
560 pages of photos of ship and crew and places around the world.


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