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 Carrier Air Wing Seventeen  (CVW-17)

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Air Group SEVENTEEN came into existence 1 April 1944 during World War II. Following the war the Air Group was redesignated CVG-17, and until it was deactivated in September 1958, Air Group SEVENTEEN operated continuously with the Atlantic Fleet and deployed in USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, USS WASP, and USS CORAL SEA. Air Wing SEVENTEEN was reactivated in November 1966 and assigned to the USS FORRESTAL (CV-59). Throughout the next 15 years the FORRESTAL/CVW-17 team remained intact, conducting ten Mediterranean deployments.

When the FORRESTAL entered a three year Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) in November 1982, CVW-17 crossdecked to the USS SARATOGA (CV-60). During Operation DESERT SHIELD, CVW-17 and SARATOGA maintained deployed to the Red Sea, and launched combat strikes against Iraq almost continuously over the 43 days of Operation DESERT STORM. In June 1994, upon returning from yet another successful deployment in the SARATOGA, CVW-17 was transferred to USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) homeported in Norfolk, VA. The following September, CVW-17 moved it's headquarters to NAS Oceana, VA. The Air Wing was composed of VF-103 flying the F-1 4B TOMCAT, VFA-81,VFA-83 and VFA-34 flying the F/A-18C HORNET, VAW-125 flying the E-2C HAWKEYE, VS-30 flying the S-3B VIKING, VAQ- 132 flying the EA-6B (ICAP II) PROWLER, HS-15 flying the SH6OF and HH-60H SEAHAWK, and VQ-6 flying the ES-3A SHADOW.


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