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profile_warship_15.jpg (29526 bytes) Warship Profile #15
  Great 23 page booklet with history and photos of the first 10 year Enterprise was in service.   It was published in Great Britain and I purchased it on internet from Scotland.
Click to read (pdf Format)
Book, Detail & Scale.jpg (37375 bytes) Detail & Scale By Bert Kinzey
A 72 page book loaded with facts, Statistics and photos of Enterprise from bow to stern and keel to mast. 
Book, Greatest Flat-Top.jpg (30156 bytes) The Enterprise Greatest of Flat-Tops by David C. Cooke
A 128 page hardcover book Copyright @ 1963 Contains history of Ships named Enterprise, construction of CVAN-65, Air Ops and ship board life, lots of photos. 
all_hands_july_1975.jpg (32031 bytes) All Hands
  July 1975, eight pages of photos and article about the ship
national_geographic_1963.jpg (32957 bytes) National Geographic

  March 1963 twenty page article with photos about the ship

popular_science_july_1962.jpg (34211 bytes)
Popular Science

July 1962, eight page article with photos about the ship



   Japanese Aircraft Magazine.
Photos and article.

the_refresher_july-august_1962.jpg (34277 bytes)
Coca Cola The Refresher

     4 page article.  Note: Ship had 14 vending machines, every three months took in $25,000 or 500,000  5 cent cups
shipyard_bulletin_nov_1961.jpg (31620 bytes) Shipyard Bulletin

   November 1961, cover photo, article and photos of ship on Sea Trials

Song and Service Book for Ship and Field
Army and Navy

USS Enterprise
Printed 1942?, Just a little early

Air Combat

    12 page article. Reporter spends weekend on ship, while Enterprise qualifies CVW-1 for USS America CV-66

Click to read (pdf Format)


Enterprise Wives' Club Cookbook
 Compiled By
 USS Enterprise Combined Wives Club Of Alameda, Calif.







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