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Book, The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet.jpg (94050 bytes) Book, The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet by Norman Polmar, Cover photo USS Enterprise CVAN-65 in San Francisco, Photos and Data inside, Hard Cover 350 pages
book , Then There Was One, (CV-6).jpg (303016 bytes) Book, Then There Was One by Eugene Burns, the U. S. S. Enterprise (CV-6) and the First Year of War (WWII), Hard Cover, 179 pages, plus photos.
Book, To The Shores Of Tripoli.jpg (375540 bytes) Book, To The Shores Of Tripoli, The Birth Of The U.S. Navy and Marines by A.B.C. Whipple.  Describes in detail, the involvement of USS Enterprise #2, 14 Gun Schooner. 357 pages
Book, U.S. Naval Avation, Lg.jpg (52883 bytes) Book, U.S. Naval Aviation, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, History of Naval Aviation, includes both USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Enterprise CVAN-65, 352 Pages
Book, US Naval Developments.jpg (441280 bytes)

Book, U.S. Naval Developments by Jan S. Breemer, includes data about USS Enterprise CVN-65, Hard Cover, 194 Pages


Book, United States Naval Aviation Patches.jpg (522836 bytes) Book, United States Naval Aviation Patches, by Michael L. Roberts.  Displays patches for USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Enterprise CVAN-65/CVN-65. 157 pages
Book, Official Monogram US Navy Aircraft.jpg (84621 bytes) Book, The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide by John M. Elliott, Vol 4, 1960 – 1993, 203 pages, 344 photos, 23 Color Illustrations, 48 Unit Insignia and 45 Lacquer Paint Chips
Book006.jpg (45263 bytes) Book, Top Gun Fighters & America’s Jet Power, Navy Aircraft Assigned to USS Enterprise CVN-65, 192 pages
Book005.jpg (50520 bytes) Book, Shield of the Republic, The United States Navy In An Era of Cold War and Violent Peace, 1945 – 1962 by Michael T. Isenberg, Includes Both CV-6 and CVAN-65, 948 Pages
Book003.jpg (31708 bytes) Book, United States Navy Aircraft Since 1911, by Gordon Swanborough and Peter M. Bowers, Detailed Information and Technical Data on Aircraft of Both CV-6 and CVAN-65, 479 Pages
Book002.jpg (41943 bytes) Book, To Shining Sea, A History of the United States Navy 1775 – 1991, by Stephen Howarth, Includes Activities of Naval Ships Named Enterprise, 620 Pages
Book001.jpg (47138 bytes) Book, The Navy Blue Book, Volume I, Articles and Structure of the US Navy, Photo of Construction of New Nuclear Carrier Enterprise, 374 pages
Book, US Navy Fighters, WWII.jpg (74855 bytes) Book, US Navy Fighters of WWII, By Barrett Tillman and Robert L. Lawson, Includes Photos of Aircraft used on USS Enterprise CV-6, 96 pages
Book, The Navy, Lg.jpg (72270 bytes) Book, The Navy, Naval Historical Foundation, Recalls the part USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Enterprise CVAN-65 played in Naval History, 352 Pages
Book, United States Naval Aviation 1910-1960.jpg (393914 bytes) Book, United States Naval Aviation 1910-60, NAVWEPS 00-80P-1, Includes all Activities of Naval Aviation By Year, Month and Day. Refers to February 4, 1958 when keel was laid for USS Enterprise CVAN-65.  List of first 250 Navy Aviator’s and Command Officers during this time period.  239 Pages


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