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Book, War At Sea.jpg (59979 bytes)

War At Sea, A Naval History of World War II, By Nathan Miller, 592 Pages,  Includes USS Enterprise CV-6 role in WWII.

Magazine, Naval Aviation News, Anniversary Issue, January 1961, 50th Anniversary of Naval Aviation,  1911 – 1961, Photo USS Enterprise CV-6
Elegant Dining, USS Enterprise CVN-65, With the Enterprise Officers Family Organization, 80 Pages, published 1996

No Cover

The Lucky Little Enterprise and Her Successors in the United States Navy  By F. Stanhope Hill,  1776-1900 Published in Boston, Massachusetts 1900, 29 pages, No Cover

US Navy War Photographs, Some photos of USS Enterprise CV-6 in Combat

USS Enterprise CV-6 History Volume IIHistory of ship during WWII, Photos and description of battles.  List of Commanding Officers, 20 Battle Star Chronology,  Final Record and Bomb Damage.  Includes listing of CV-6 Squadron Chronology WWII.  There are many special stories of former crewmembers.

Book, Blue Skies and Blood.jpg (544451 bytes)

Book, A History of Sea-Air Aviation, Wings Over Ocean, On CD
Book, Carrier Wars.jpg (470590 bytes) Book, Carrier Wars, Naval Aviation From World War II To The Persian Gulf By Edwin P. Hoyt.  Covers involvement of both USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Enterprise CVAN-65. 274 Pages
Book, Climax At Midway.jpg (429163 bytes) Book, Climax At Midway, The Story of the battle that changed the course of the Pacific War by Thaddeus V. Tuleja.  Covers activities of USS Enterprise CV-6 in this battle. 248 pages
Book, Encyclopedia Of The US Navy.jpg (408470 bytes) Book, Encyclopedia Of The U.S. Navy by Alan Axelrod, Includes both USS Enterprise CV-6 and USS Enterprise CVAN-65.  260 Pages
Book, Miracle At Midway.jpg (426720 bytes) Book, Miracle At Midway, by Gordon W. Prange.  Describes involvement of USS Enterprise CV-6 in this battle.  Includes Accompanying Ships,  Dive Bombers, Elation After Battle, hell Divers and Uncoordinated Coordination. 469 pages
Book, Rickover Controversy and Genius.jpg (399443 bytes) Book, Rickover, Controversy And Genius, A Biography By Norman Polmar & Thomas B. Allen, Information about construction and activity’s.  Includes, Congressional hearings aboard, design and construction, Commanding Officers, Operations and Boston Port Visit. 744 Pages

Book, Running Critical.jpg (409231 bytes)

Book, Running Critical, The Silent War, Rickover, and General Dynamics By Patrick Tyler.  Includes: Cuban Missile Crisis, Puelbo Incident and Soviet Submarine.  374 pages
Book, The Battle of leyte Gulf.jpg (520828 bytes) Book, The Battle of Leyte Gulf, 23-26 October 1944 by Thomas J. Cutler.  Covers activities of USS Enterprise CV-6 in this battle. 341 Pages
Book, The Big E, Story of CV-6.jpg (57217 bytes) Book, The Big E,  The Story of The USS Enterprise (CV-6) By Edward P. Stafford, U.S.N., Hard Cover 499 pages


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