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Book, Modern Navy.jpg (33135 bytes) Modern US Navy by John Jordan
160 Pages of data on 40+ warships with over 120 photos.  Enterprise depicted on the cover with photos and article inside.
National Geographic Feb 65.jpg (52106 bytes) National Geographic February, 1965
Cover photo and 25 page article "Four-Ocean Navy in the Nuclear Age"  featuring the Enterprise
National Geographic Jan 02.jpg (38338 bytes) National Geographic January 2002
Seven page article featuring the Enterprise on patrol in the Red Sea
cv-6_stafford.jpg (34562 bytes) The Big "E" by Comdr. Edward P. Stafford, USN
cv-6_ewing.jpg (30158 bytes) USS Enterprise (CV-6) 
The Most Decorated Ship of World War II  A Pictorial History by Steve Ewing
norfolks_waters_ely.jpg (30364 bytes) Norfolk Water's
Includes story of first Aircraft takeoff from a ship.
curtiss_75th_naval_aviation.jpg (32502 bytes) Curtiss Museum  
     Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation.  Story of Curtiss plane and pilot making the first landing and take off from a ship.  Curtiss also trained the first Navy pilots. 
navla_avation_50th_ann.jpg (36592 bytes) Air Power At Sea
     Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Naval Aviation.
history_vessel_roden.jpg (32433 bytes) History Of The  Vessel Enterprise

From the 16th to the 24th Century.  Author Ronald M. Roden, Jr. Acknowledged contributions of Association Members, Ray Godfrey, Editor, Don Rasmussen, Chairman of Organization, Bud Owens, Historian 




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